17 Hilariously Stuck Dogs

Dogs are their never-ending battle against your common household stuff.  Poor things probably didn’t know what they were doing!

1.  “I was just trying to see if my diet worked.”



2.  “Me too.”

Source: imgur


3.  “And me!”

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4.  “Hey mom I took out the trash already.”



5.  “Now we can have all the sunlight into the room.”

Source: funnyjunk


6.   “This chair has a missing leg.”

Source: imgur


7.  “Hey can I hang around here for a bit?”

Source: collegehumor


8.  “I just like watering the plants.”



9.  “Hey bro, can you call dad?”

Source: fugly


10.  “Go get your own peanut butter.”

Source: dailypicksandflicks


11.  “Can I take a seat?”

Source: earthporm


12.  “Of course you can.”



13.  “I never knew gardening can be very fun!”

Source: imgur


14.  “I just wanted to roll like the hamsters.”

Source: imgur


15.  “Mittens said I can find some nice treats in there!”

Source: imgur


16.  “This is my snake impression.”

Source:  imgur


17.  “Where’s my treat?”

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