18 Dogs Who Are Totally Over In Celebrating Birthdays

Another year older? These dogs are SO over birthday parties already. Just don’t tell them how adorable they look in their party hats.

1. “But I’m old already”

Source: benolaonline

2. “Mooomm did you forget i’m a boy?”

Source: emirates

3. “Just give me the gift already!”

Source: reaganhuston

4. “All the colors and the hats and the boxes, they scare me!”

Source: auggydoggy

5. “Yey I’m two! Now lemme go back to sleep please!”

Source: theoregontail

6. “Why are they all smiling at me?”

Source: viralnova

7. “But I want that hotdog!”

Source: babble

8. “This is just a trick right?”

Source: pinterest

9. “PINK! Pink is my favorite color, Not GREEN!”

Source: blisstree

10. “I told you not to invite her right?”

Source: adoodledose

11. “I can totally eat this candle right?”

Source: newfoundlanddog

12. “Im pretty sure I look weird in all this pieces hanging on me.”

Source: vetstreet

13. “That cupcake doesn’t taste good, I hate it!”

Source: buzzfeed

14. “How am I suppose to eat this burning cookie”

Source: pinterest

15. Just look at those pleading eyes

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16. “Can we skip the party and just get to treat-giving please?”

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17. “Just make sure it’s still edible.”

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18. “Why is it that he doesn’t get to wear a hat?”

Source: vivaboo

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