13 Dogs With THAT LOOK When They Realize They’re Going To the Vet

A vet appointment strikes terror into the bravest pets’ hearts.  Pity these misty-eyed doggies!

Just compare these poor pets to the human fear of a dentist’s drill.

Who knows if they’re as scared as they look? They’ve done a good job at making us feel sorry for them all the same – but it’s still not quite enough to escape the surgery.

1.  “The vet might think I have gone home if he won’t see me!”


2.  A dog’s life: A full-on hug by the reception desk.

3.  “Please don’t do this to me!”

4.  “I can’t take another minute here.”

5. “Where is this car heading?  I don’t like the feel of that white building.”


6.  Puppy eyes wouldn’t get them out of trouble!


7.  “But I thought you loved me?”


8.  “Don’t be surprised if the remote control has teeth marks on it.”


9.  They think they’re going to the vet


10. “Car Ride! Yes! Hey, wait, I know where this is headed.”


11. “You know what? Fine. Take me to the vet. See if I care!”


12. “Hey, wait a minute.”


13. “Have fun at the vet! I’ll just stay here at home and wait for you.”


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