20 Dogs With Regretful Decisions

These dogs just made poor life decisions and ended up in funny situations!

1. “I want to get off this plate now!”

2. “I can not play like this.”

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3. “My neck loves laying on hard pillows instead of soft ones.”

4. “Pillows are not my thing too!”

5.  “I wanted to keep them nail polishes in a cool place.”

6. “Uhh, hey, I like meeting new neighbors!”

7. “Help.”

8. “The bees chased me back!” 

9. “You really looked comfortable laying there, thought I’d give it a try.”

10. “How did I get here??”

11.  “Sorry mom and dad.”

12.  “The slide was fun! until I hit the ground way too fast.”

13. “I can’t see where this ends! Help!”

14.  “My human should have gone first!”

15.  “This leaf blower makes me sooooo mad!” 

16. “I underestimated this tree.” 

17. “Great I have nowhere to go.”

18. “Oh don’t mind me, I was just strolling through our garden.”

19. “Please, go away.” 

20. “Please stop, I can explain!”

21. “I don’t know how to swim.”

22. “I might need help going home.”

23. “I can’t wait for my legs to grow!”

24. “I told you, no more frisbee!”

25. “I wanted to try extreme cat sports, but now I don’t feel so good.”

26. “Almost there!” 

27. “I felt cold, now I feel stuck.”

28. “I wanna go back to my own place at home…”

source: imgur

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