3 Heartwarming Stories of Dying Dogs and Their Bucket List

These 3 stories of dying dogs and their bucket list will definitely melt our hearts.

1. Gizelle, a 160-pound English Mastiff

Source: instagram

Gizelle, a 160-pound English Mastiff was diagnosed with terminal bone cancer. Her owner, Lauren Fern Watt decided to have a “bucket list” adventure for them. Included on the list are the following:

Ride in a canoe
See Times Square
Cook lobster in Maine
Eat ice cream on a dock
Go on a road trip
Cuddle as much as possible
Spend a whole day at Washington Square Park
Go to a party and meet a cute boy dog
Find the best doughnut in the world
Meet Santa
Sit on the beach in the winter

2. Coco the Rottweiler

Source: instagram

Coco, a rottweiler, was also diagnosed with bone cancer and was given six weeks to live. Her owner, Symon Spencer,decided to make Coco’s last days on earth special.

Her full bucket list included the following:

Get a 3D scan
Run on a beach
Play with other dogs on a beach
Play football on a beach
Run into the sea
Eat fish and chips on the beach
Share a ice cream with daddy at the beach
Have photos with daddy, mummy and nanny
Go for a ride in mummy’s TT Convertible
Sit in a police car
Sit in a fire engine
Sit in a police helicopter
Sit in the front cab of a train
Go swimming in a pool with daddy
Cast a paw print
Eat a steak in a restaurant
Order and eat a Big Mac from a drive through
Try sushi
Go to work with daddy
Go to work with mummy
Appear in the media
Photo with British Transport Police
Global media recognition
Get mentioned on national radio
Have photos with an ambulance
Have photos with an Olympic torch
Meet a celebrity dog
Meet a celebrity
Meet a brother/sister
Meet and have photos with Noel Fitzpatrick (Star of Channel 4 show, Supervet)

Coco passed away last May 5. She, together with her owner and partner, was able to ate sushi.

3. Poh, a New York-based mixed breed dog

Source: instagram

Poh,  15-year-old dog, was diagnosed with several health problems. Veterinarians have told Poh’s owner Neil Rodriguez that Poh will not live much longer. Hence, Rodriguez decided to travel with his dog. Poh’s adventures started on March 6. Rodriguez, his fiance, and Poh visited 35 cities, including Oregon, Arizona, Austin, and more.