35 Dachshund Descriptions To Love Them Even More Than You Could Ever Imagine

Dachshund actually means “badger dogs” who were originally bred to help out hunters to go down holes.

dach smile

Dachshunds are . . .

Amazing. World’s best kept secret. Intelligent. FRIENDLY. Smart. Loves Children. Has big bark. Bold. Rash. ACTIVE. Tenacious. HARDY. Has a big heart. Good Athletes. Great. Strong.  Gives their 100%.  Ball of energy.

dach springtime

Comedians. Clowns of the breed.  High performance dog. Little Napoleons. Relaxed. LIVELY. Affectionate. Proud. Loving.  LOYAL.  Noble. Fun-loving. Easy to live with. Curious. SWEETHEART. Soulmate.  The BEST.

That’s the Dachshund breed.


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