4 Easy Ways To Protect Your Dachshunds From Spine Injury

Dachshunds are susceptible to spinal issues especially in later life. And that’s a horrible thing to witness!

Know these simple guide that will give your dachshund the best chance to avoid spinal issues in later life.

1. No jumping off furniture.  Jumping off seats and beds might not sound like a particularly big deal, but over time this can cause havoc with the sensitive spine of a dachshund.

Source: key2insight

2. Weight Watching. This one is really quite simple, excessive weight puts pressure on a dogs back. A dachshund has a long back, therefore excessive weight on a dachshund puts even more pressure on a dachshunds back.

Source: dachshundsownerguide

3. Carry your pet properly. Carrying a dachshund incorrectly will only serve to hurt your pets spine, which over time can lead to some significant health issues.  This photo shows the proper way of holding your Doxie.

Source: wikihow

4. No more collar and lead. Dachshunds like to run ahead and will often pull on their leads, very hard. All this tugging really can cause damage to their neck and spine over time.

Source: dachshundssociety

Hope that helped you and your beloved Dachshund!

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