4 Hot Controversies Pit Bulls Face

Pit bulls are the most misunderstood dog breeds, even though they have the most big smiles and angelic faces! Let us help spread these famous facts and that these misconception about pit bulls will be erase.

1. Once known as “America’s Dog”, the Pit Bull could now be called “America’s Most Abused Dog”. Not only are they tortured in dog fighting rings, but they’re also frequently chained up outside and neglected by lowlifes who want nothing more than a scary looking guard dog.

Source: gafamilylawblog

2. Contrary to everything you’ve read, Pit Bulls don’t bite especially hard. In a test of the bite force of three breeds conducted by National Geographic in 2008, Pit Bulls came in last  behind German Shepherds and Rottweilers.

Source: rsvpmagazine

3. Despite how long Pit Bulls have been around, stories of Pit Bull attacks didn’t begin to pick up steam until the 1980’s. Was it coincidence that dog fighting reemerged during that time in the US? 

Source: salon

4. There have been various attempts to rename Pit Bulls to something that doesn’t carry negative connotations. However, no other name has caught on to any significant extent.

Source: boxingscene

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