4 Tips In Building Confidence To Your Shy Dog

Dogs are known to active, outgoing and fun-loving!  However, there are certainly some dogs that are more on the shy side. These dogs may have lacked proper socialization as young puppies, but more often than not it’s just their genetics.

So if you’re struggling with a shy pup that’s reluctant to get out and experience the world, check out these tips to bring the confidence out in them!

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1. Walk A Lot. One of the most important things to do with young puppies and adult dogs that are shy is to take them on walks. The more your dog gets out in the world, the more things they’re going to see and the less scary they become.

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2. Be Patient. Patience is the key in working with shy dogs and puppies. We often want to flood our dogs with too much at once, which always makes the problem far worse than it was before.

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3. Take An Agility or Obedience Class. Training can actually help bring up their confidence levels. Using positive reinforcement to teach behaviors and rewarding with your pup’s favorite treats and toys is an excellent way to get them to love training.

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4. Play, Play And Play. Playing with a shy dog or a young puppy is another thing that’s underrated. Of course everyone wants to play with their dogs, but playing games like tug and letting your dog win will build a lot of confidence and allow your dog to enjoy the time they spend outside.

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