4 Weird Sleeping Habits of Dogs Explained

There are soooo many things that make dogs so Adorable! Even SLEEPING, they can make irresistibly cute!  But they have these quirky sleeping habits that make them seem mysterious and funny!

1. Curling Up In A Ball

When dogs sleep in the wild, they usually build a nest and tuck themselves in to conserve body heat.  They also do this for protection of their vulnerable organs against possible predators.

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2.  Twitching During Sleep

Sometimes dogs suddenly twitch and even make weird noises.  They even have rapid eye movement.  According to doctors, your dog might be dreaming.

When you see your dog twitching, DON’T TOUCH THEM as they may get startled and bite.  INSTEAD, GENTLY CALL OUT THEIR NAME.

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3. Sleeping Belly Up

In this stance, your dog shows that they are feeling very comfortable and safe, but also they are feeling hot.

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4. Crawling Under the Covers

This is a dog preference, showing the dog’s need for companionship.  This is also common to breeds that were bred to burrow, such as Dachshunds.

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