5 Affluent Dogs in the World

In early 2000, we’ve seen in tabloid headlines about Paris Hilton’s luxurious hangouts with her fully clad modish Chihuahua sporting branded clothes in Beverly Hills. It’s grimly mind-boggling when we hear that several animals are wealthier than us, people. Well, let’s take a look on how convincingly well-off some brat-dogs are.


Guinness World Records awardee, Betty White, set up a $5 million of trust fund for her Golden Retriever named Pontiac and her other household pets.


Source: allday

Toby Rimes
Sometimes spelled as Tobey, this poodle has a $92 million property and trust fund registered by one of the New York millionaires, Ella Wendel. According to on various resources, Mr. Rimes’s offspring have been also named Toney Rimes to continuously take over the trust fund.


Monster Girl
A tiny breed became a rich pup is owned by Muriel Siebert, the very first woman to affiliate on New York Stock Exchange. The NY’s first lady of finance died due to complications from cancer. The Manhattan multi-millionaire leaves $100,000 to her beloved Chihuahua, Monster Girl. It is stated on her will that the inherited amount will be handled by Monster Girl’s caretaker.


Source: nytimes

When her owner died from congestive heart failure, Trouble caused nothing but a literal problem. The Queen of Mean Leona Helmsley, Trouble’s owner, granted her a $12 million of fortune.  Carl Lekic, the Helmsley Sandcastle Hotel’s general manager administered Trouble’s wealth.  Trouble, however, passed away in 2010.


Gunther IV
A German Sheppard named Gunther IV became an heir to a multi-million trust fund from his father Gunther III that was originally prearranged by Countess Karlotta Lieberstein.  Some of his properties include the Miami mansion and Bahamas villas of Madonna. He lives an excessive amount for his lifestyle.  Gunther IV recently discovered to indulge on white truffles, caviars, and steaks.