5 Backyard Safety Tips For Dogs

You just can’t keep your dogs inside the house all the time. They need to get out and play outdoor too. But of course, there are some safety precautions you can take before letting them play in wild.

1. Fences are excellent in preventing dogs from running into the road, getting into your neighbors garden or waste bins and fighting other pets in the neighborhood.

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2. When your dogs are outside for any extended amount of time, make sure they have access to fresh, cool water for refreshment.

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3. Collars can get snagged which could be a choking hazard. To prevent this, make sure their collar is close enough to their neck.

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4. Choose pesticides and lawn care products that will not be toxic to your dog. Harsh chemicals can irritate their paws and make them very sick when ingested.

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5. Open windows and doors could be a serious danger to your dog who constantly wants to explore the outside world, consider building an outdoor walkway for them around your house.

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