5 Causes Of Aggression in Dogs

It could be scary and intimidating when your dog is being aggressive even to you!  The best you can do is find out its cause to stop this frightening behavior!

1. Illness –  When a dog suddenly begins growling, snapping, or biting, it may be caused by a disease or illness. Brain tumors, thyroid disease, and rabies are just a few illnesses common to dogs that may cause aggression.

Source: flickr

2. Establishing Dominance –  Dogs who display this type of aggression feel that they are in charge. . If your dog is displaying aggression in an attempt to establish dominance, restrain him, distract him, or grab his collar.  

Source: greatpyr

3. Fear – Dog will exhibit aggressive behavior if he feels he is in danger and needs to defend himself.

Source: wellpets

4. Possession Aggression – A dog who exhibits possession aggression may growl if someone approaches his food bowl or goes near him when he’s chewing a favorite toy.

Source: boxerdogguide

5. Frustration – Aggression that is caused by frustration is often referred to as redirected aggression or barrier frustration. It occurs when a dog is frustrated at not being able to get to something he Needs (exercise, socialization, food etc.), and he takes the frustration out in another way.

Source: pitbullforum

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