5 Common Allergies Dogs Suffer From

Dogs, like people, can have allergies from the environment may it be seasonal or year-round allergens  that can be found inside your very homes.  Once the allergens enters the dogs body, their immune system will react that may cause changes in your dogs appearance and behavior.   Allergies must be taken seriously!

1. Face 

Appearance: muzzle, chin and areas around the eyes are reddened with hair loss.

Behavior: Scratching or rubbing face with paws or against furniture.

Source: doghealthguide

2. Feet

Appearance: Inflammation, redness, odor, Brown discoloration where licking has occurred.

Behavior: Licking or chewing of feet or pads.

Source: webmd

3. Haircoat

Appearance: bald spots and brown discoloration.

Behavior: Scratching sides and rubbing face against the furniture.

Source: webmd

4. Skin

Appearance: Reddened with crusts or scales, odor with secondary infection.

Behavior: Scratching sides/belly

Source: huffingtonpost

5. Ears

Appearance: waxy discharge, redness, odor

Behavior: scratching or rubbing ears with paws

Source: rescueadog

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