5 Differences Of A Boxer Dog From All Other Dogs

A Boxer dog can be funny, cute, sweet and all that; but all other dogs can be like that too.  Find out the difference between a Boxer dog from the rest of the dog species, you will be totally amazed and love them even more!

1. Dogs: When dogs are happy they wag their tails.

Boxer Dog: When boxers are happy they wag half of their body!

Source: humorhound

2. Dogs: When dogs are happy to see you they jump and greet you.

Boxer Dog: When boxers are happy to see you they run 900 miles an hour around the living room.

Source: youtube

3. Dogs: When dogs are bored they want to play fetch for 20 minutes.

Boxer Dog: When boxers are bored they bring you every toy in the house over and over for the next 2 hours.

Source: offleashdogtraining

4. Dogs: When dogs are tired they sleep in their bed as quiet as a mouse.

Boxer Dog: When boxers get tired, they are on your chest and snoring in your ear.

Source: youtube

5. Dogs: When dogs beg for food they put a paw on your knee.

Boxer Dog: When boxers beg for food they silently make two large slobber bubbles from the sides of their mouth.

Source: pinterest

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