5 Dog Ears Position and their Meaning

The positions of your Dog’s Ears are sure-fire indicators of their mood.  Learn to read them correctly here:

1.  Relaxed Ears –  They are feeling Calm.

source: pixshark


Learn to identify when your dog’s ears are in neutral position.  Other dog breeds are slightly difficult to read because of the size and shape of their ears.


2.  Slightly Backed Ears –  (with Tongue out) They are feeling Friendly.

source: dogtime

3. Slightly Backed Ears – (with tight Lips and crouched body) They are feeling Anxious and Defensive.

source: hubpages

4. Flattened and Backed Ears – They are feeling Scared and Terrified.


source: examiner

5.  Backed and Lowered Ears – They are feeling Submissive.

source: petsadviser

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