5 Dog Park Dangers (Watch out!)

Parks are a good place for playing, and spending time with your dogs. But there are a number of dog park hazards that you need to watch out for to ensure that you both make it home in one piece.

1. Aggressive Dogs.  Not every dog owner is as thoughtful and responsible as you are to their dogs. So watch carefully for the potential aggressive dog type and if there’s one, then leave the park immediately.

Source: petinsurance

2. Dehydration. With a lot of running and playing in the park, make sure that there’s an easy access of water to restore their energy.

Source: findadogminder

3. Ill dogs. Bringing your dog to the park will expose them to health risk and disease that can be found in other dogs in the park.

Source: sitmeanssit

4. Small Playful Children. A child who runs up to an unfamiliar pooch to play with him can cause the dog to feel rather threatened which often never ends well.  So aside from having proactive approach with your dog, also tell your kids to be careful in the Dog Park.

Source: examiner

5. Potential Injuries.  Inspect for holes that other dogs have dug, and check the area for sharp objects that he could hurt himself on.

Source: denvilledogpark


Have fun and Stay safe!!


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