5 Facts About Labrador Retrievers (Fascinating!)

Every one knows about how versatile a Labrador retriever can be, from their great intelligence, their affectionate and friendly aura, to being a guard dog.

Browse through these random facts that made them even more interesting!

1. Labrador Retrievers have great love for water. They love to swim and their coat is really designed for regulating body’s temperature even when on water.

Source: allposters

2. They are one of the most trainable and intelligent of all dog breeds.

Source: protectivetraining

3. The short Labrador retriever coats keep on shedding all year round. They need regular and careful grooming! 

Source: yourpurebredpuppy

4. They have a well-balanced muscular body and they can run up to 28 kph.  Pretty fast!

Source: kimballstock

5. They have an average life span that can live up to 13 years or more.

Source: nextdaypet

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