5 Health Issues Most Dachshunds Go Through

Different dog breeds are prone to different kinds of health issues. Dachshunds have particular health disorders mainly because of their elongated back bone structure and their sensitive eyesight. Know these health risks so that you can observe certain precautions, all for the love to our Dachshunds.

1. Obesity.  It is important to watch your dachshund’s diet as you do not want your dog to get overweight, the extra weight puts strain on the spine and these dogs are predisposed to slipped or ruptured disks. 

Source: examiner

2. Intervertebral Disk Disease. This is one of the common dachshund health problems. Having selective breeding from parents who show no sign of the disease is one way of preventing this condition. Over weight dogs are more prone to this disease.

Source: allsmalldogbreeds

3. Hip Dysplasia. It is a deformity of the hip joint where the ball of the femur cannot fit properly into the hip socket and occurs during the animals growth period.

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4. Congenital Cataract. Is a condition in which the eye lens become opaque. It may not be visible for the first few months but it will slowly appear after a couple of years.


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5. Patellar Luxation. This condition occurs when the knee cap pops out or dislocates out of the  femoral groove. The femoral groove can become shallow and narrow as a result of luxation. This is most common to dachshunds because of their short legs, which changes the angle of the kneecap they are more likely to develop this condition.

Source: animalplanet

Be more keen of what your Dachshund might be going through.

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