5 Need-To-Knows About Your Dogs’ Dental Health

We may take for granted about our dogs dental health but little did we know that dental disease can progress into more serious health issues. So let’s us not forget this important part of our dogs’ health and learn more about dental care for them.

1. 80% of dogs develop some degrees of Periodontal (Gum) disease by the age of 3. 

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2. Dogs have 28 deciduous or puppy teeth and 42 permanent teeth.  Amazing! 

Source: dailypuppy

3. Most commonly fractured teeth are the canines and the upper fourth premolar.  Sometimes they just chew too much! 

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4. Dogs need professional cleaning at least once a year.   Schedule your dog for a dental clean up! 

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5. Brushing and routine inspection of dog’s mouth is the best way to prevent dental diseases.

Source: vetknowledge

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