5 Need-to-Knows before getting a Chihuahua

Chihuahuas are so adorable and cute!  But due to their small size, a special kind of treatment must be observed. Know these things before owning a chihuahua so that you can give them the maximum care that is needed.

1. Give them dog toys. Chihuahua are naturally hyper dogs, make sure they have enough toys to play with or else they might find and chew on a non-friendly dog items.

Source: petpaw

2. Keep the floors clean. Make sure your floor is free from legos, crumbs, and credit cards, they might find them and chew or play with them.

Source: pets4homes

3. Give them sweater. Chihuahua can’t adapt well to cold weather. Plus, the sweater will make them more fashionable!

Source: famouschihuahua

4. Exercise. Make sure they get proper exercise to maintain healthy lifestyle. Small Dogs need much exercise too! 

Source: chihuahuakopen

5. Train them. Give them proper training. Especially because they’re so handy and you can carry them any where you want.

Source: treehousepuppies

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