5 Qualities Dog Owners Shouldn’t Possess

Want to know if owning a fury friend is your thing? Check out these signs, if you or someone you know have these, then maybe a dog is really not meant to be.

1. Travelling a lot. Dogs require much attention and exercise, and if you travel a lot and dogs will always left alone in the house then please don’t get one.

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2. Using a Dog for Special Endorsement. If you just want a dog only because you saw it on a movie or on TV commercial then it’s not your thing. Taking care of a dog you need special knowledge and devotion to them.

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3. Wanting Only for Decoration. If your want a dog just because you want to accessorize them, then you should get a stuff dog, not a real one.

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4. Living a Busy Lifestyle. If you’re a type of person that is so busy with jobs and social life. Then don’t add up a dog into it.

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5. Going through tough times. Don’t just get a dog just because your sad your boyfriend left you. What if a new relationship will come then the dog will be of no use to you anymore.

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Hope that inspired you on getting or giving someone a dog!

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