5 Reasons Dog Owners Should Be Cautious While In The Park

Dog parks should be a place where you and your dog can relax and have some quality time. But there are certain things that we should be cautious about so that the Fun day at the park will not turn into a Disaster.

Let’s be vigilant dog owners for our dog’s sake.  Here are the 5 reasons to be cautious:

1. Irresponsible and oblivious dog owners. Oblivious owners are the biggest problem when it comes to dog ownership. Many owners don’t understand how to read basic dog behavior and often think their dogs are never displaying any signs of aggression or bad behavior of that sort.

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2. Untrained dogs with bad manners. One of the biggest problems at dog parks is the lack of trained dogs. While many owners think their dogs are trained, they soon find out that they can’t catch their dog when it’s running from them at the dog park; and they certainly aren’t going to come when called.

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3. Resource guarding. Many owners think it’s funny when their dogs refuse to share toys, but this could create problems, especially at a dog park where there are lots of other dogs. Even if your dog doesn’t have problems sharing toys and food with dogs they know, you might find that fights break out very easily at dog parks when they’re surrounded by strange dogs trying to take their prized possessions.

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4. Dangers of playing with collars on. Leaving collars on dogs while they play is very dangerous, as they can easily get caught on something or each other. The number of dogs that have been choked to death might surprise you and it’s best to take them off if you know your dog will be rough-housing with another pooch.

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5. Sick Dogs. We can never be sure all of the dogs visiting the dog park are healthy and many owners have no idea their dogs are even sick. Things like kennel cough, fleas, giardia and other parasites can easily be spread at dog parks.

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