5 Reasons Large Breed Dogs See Vet

Large breed dogs are among the strongest of  all canines, but are they the healthiest?  Big dogs visit the vet too!  Here are commonly observed health risks simply by being a large dog breed.

itis Externa is very common in any size dog, but Golden Retrievers and a few other large breeds seem to have a genetic issue with infected ears.

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2. Skin disease. Each breed has its own tendencies, but certainly not exclusivity. Skin disease is a prevalent problem in any size dog, but there are always a share of dogs over 60 pounds with skin disease.

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3. Traumatic Injury.  Big dogs are active and busy.They seem to experience sprains and strains more than small dogs.  Penetrating wounds from stepping on things like nails and even escaping and getting hit by cars are common complaints. Any dog with a sudden rear limb lameness should see a vet to rule out cruciate injury, especially large breeds.

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4. Osteoarthritis. Large breed dogs often have osteoarthritis as they age. Such dogs may or may not be limping or showing stiffness, but it may be because they are so active and get injured frequently that they eventually experience the inflammation associated with joint wear and dysfunction.

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5. Cancer. Cancer is a sad specter that rears its ugly head in my animal hospital. Large breed dogs seem to be overrepresented for certain types of neoplasia, like osteosarcoma and hemangiosarcoma. It might be because large breed dogs do not have quite as long of a life expectancy that we see it earlier in life for them.

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