5 Reasons to Love Senior Dogs More than When They were Puppies

We all love puppies! When they are still trying to learn about the world around them, they are soo cute! But more and more Senior dogs are stealing the spotlight. Here’s how they have claimed a spot in the cute department:

1.  Senior dogs’ salt-and-pepper faces are just irresistibly cute! 

source: atlantalabrescue

2.  Senior dogs have an insatiable urge to nap and cuddle.  We can’t help but snuggle in with them! 

source: examiner

3. Senior dogs  become a little chubby as they get older, but it just adds to their cuteness meter! 

source: dogster

4. Senior dogs  are behaved and sit by the carpet like a prince or princess.

bull senior

source: cparisart

5. Senior dogs will love you and will be loyal to you just as much as a puppy does! 

source: bestfriends

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