5 Reasons Why Dogs And Babies Are Good Together

We always find it funny and cute when dogs and babies are together!  Others may find it dangerous and not ideal but with these 5 reasons you should be able to understand why babies and dogs are better for each other.

1. Protector – Of course, a dog can be a reliable guardian of your house and your baby in particular. There are many stories about dogs saving babies or alerting parents of issues.

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2. Immune System – A study found that babies who lived with a dog during their first year of life were sick less frequently than children in homes without pets.

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3. Floor Cleaner – When your baby has graduated to a highchair, you will be happy to have a dog around to clean up after baby. He will have no problem getting any food your child throws.

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4. Allergies – Research says having a dog around your baby can actually reduce the chance of your child developing allergies later on. And not just dog allergies, but also to all the things dog’s track in, like dirt, grass, pollen, etc.

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5. Fear of Dogs – Having your baby raised around dogs with positive experiences, will minimize the risk that they will fear them when they get older, which is a good thing.

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