5 Reasons Why Dogs Are The Best Pillows

Looking for an alternative pillows that can soothe all the stresses and the pains in the world? Why not try our friendly and cuddly Fido friend. Find out from these reasons why dogs can be the best pillow in the world!!

1. Warmth and comfort. It’s so comforting to lay your head on or up next to a warm, fluffy dog.

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2. Body pillow option. No need to buy big expensive king size pillow.

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3. Rhythmic white noise. Something about their nasal, whining tone lulls us to sleep fast. It’s like lullaby to our ear.

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4. Portability. You can bring your guard and a pillow at the same time during outdoor adventure.

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5. Love included. The absolute best thing about using dog as a pillow is the built-in love we get. Their love is unconditional and unquestioning. The perfect kind of love.

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