5 Reasons Why Dogs Fart

Farting can sometimes be a happy human activity –  you just can’t help but laugh when it happens!  Sometimes, it can also be rather embarrassing to hear Fido passing gas especially in front of visitors.

Actually, anything that disturbs the balance of your dog’s digestion can result in him producing this offensive gas. Some of the most common causative factors of too much foul gas in dogs include the following:

1. Foods. Cereal grains and Fibrous doggie diets can generate flatulence in some dogs. Even food preservatives and additives can upset the sensitive balance of bacterial and fungal population that aid in digestion. Did you know that too much protein in your pet’s diet can also result in foul-smelling gas?

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2. Diet and medication. Sudden changes in your dog’s diet and drugs that negatively influence your dog’s digestion and bowel movements can also be a trigger for him to pass gas. It is usually the anti-depressants, antibiotics, narcotics, blood pressure medicines, herbs, and other natural supplements that make dogs pass gas.

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3. Bowel and acid production problems. Bowel disorders in dogs normally result in a gastrointestinal malfunction. It’s a broad category which includes health issues like food allergy and inflammatory bowel disease. Acid production in your pooch’s stomach or enzyme-making by the pancreas can also result in Fido passing gas.

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4. Parasites and bacteria. Intestinal parasites such as Giardia have been frequently linked with gas problems in dogs. Bacterial overgrowth can also be a cause since it’s generally a condition wherein a single bacterial strain disrupts the normal balance.

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5. Stress. Yet another known source of flatulence in dogs is stress. Excessive stress can cause your pooch’s body to change its hormone balance.  Maybe humans can fart away their stress too? LOL

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