5 Reasons Why Your Dog Eats Poop

Eating poop. If you haven’t seen your dog do it, I’m sure you’ve seen someone’s dog do it. But why do they do it? Technically, eating poop is referred to as “coprophagia,” the eating of feces is commonplace among dogs for a variety of reasons.  The following reasons as possible explanations for why your pup eats poop:

1. Flavor. It might actually taste good to them. This is likely the result of being fed too much people food, enriching the feces with the residual scents and flavors of human cuisine.

Source: barkpost

2. Anxiety. Coprophagia can be one of the compulsions triggered by anxiety if your pup suffers from it.

Source: pandawhale

3. Attention-seeking behavior. Do you react loudly every time your pup reaches for a bite of poo? Your dog might anticipate that reaction and simply do it to get you to pay attention to her.

Source: dogchannel

4. Boredom. While you may never have tried to kill time by eating out of the toilet, your dog doesn’t have a smartphone or an Xbox to keep herself busy.

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5. Imitating Other Dogs.  Your dog may simply be following the acts of other dogs it knows.

Source: quickmeme

If your pup is a chronic poop-eater, consult with your veterinarian.

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