5 Signs You Have A Bad Relationship With Your Dog [Tsk!]

Know the 5 danger signs that shout you are ruining your relationship with your dog.

1. You are not active enough. When you don’t spend much time with your dog. When you have no precious moments like walking in the park or playing in the backyard.  It will break your dog’s heart.

Source: moderndogmagazine

2. You are always on your phone. When you spend more time on the internet browsing facebook and instagram rather than with your dog.  You are crushing his soul.

Source: puppypets

3. You don’t reprimand. Your dog will know when they did something wrong yet you just ignore like nothing happened.  It hurts them like crazy!

Source: someinterestingfacts

4. You ignore your dog. Every dog seeks attention through barking, running around and doing silly stuff while you just ignore them. Your dog can hardly take the pain anymore! Like, do I even exist in your life?

Source: redorbit

5.You are gone for TOOOOOOO LOOOOONG. Being on a business trip for too long or being away too often will make a dog feels like they have been abandoned.  You have left them to sleep away their tears.

Source: nydailynews

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