5 Signs Your Dog Truly Loves You

These days, LOVE is given freely and easily.  It’s difficult to know whether your dog truly loves you, or whether he’s just hanging around for the free cheese cubes and access to the toilet bowl water. It’s a scary thought: What if your dog’s just not that into you? We think it’s important for you to recognize the signs of true puppy love. Does your dog love you? Here’s how to tell:

1. He’s not hung up on your appearance. You get the feeling your dog’s up for cuddling, regardless of what you’re wearing, when you last showered, or how foul your morning breath is.

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2. He takes an interest in what you’re doing. If you feel his eyes on you, even when you’re simply making a peanut butter sandwich, you can count on this dog to be mesmerized by your every move.

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3. He bristles when you talk about others. Do his hackles come up when you mention another dog’s name? That’s jealous coming out. And that’s to be thankful because your dog is really into you.

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4. He returns your calls. We all have friends who call and call and call their dogs before they get a response. Ask yourself, when you call your dog, does he quickly bound to your side? Or does he seem annoyed and give you that I need more space look?

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5. His tail wags to the right. According to a 2007 study by two Italian veterinarians and one neuroscientist, the direction your dog wags his tail says a lot about how he’s feeling. If he wags to his right, you’re probably the human of his dreams. To his left, and it may be he’s just not that into you.

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