5 Things About Your Anxious Dog

Big dogs such as German Shepherds, Boxers and Labradors are among the top breeds that suffer from anxiety related health and behavior problems. Anxiety can be an even greater concern in larger breeds because of their capacity to do more damage to themselves and to your home. Large breed dogs can be seriously hurt by chewing furniture or frantic scratching at doors and gates.

Did you know that dogs have  broken through glass while in a state of panic?  It is of sheer importance to know more about their anxiety and that it may help you recognize when your dog is being one.

1. Sometimes anxious dogs just want to be alone. When a stressful event such as a thunderstorm is unavoidable, many dogs will scamper to find a safe place to hide.  They take refuge in bathtubs, under beds or in basement corners.

Source: vetstreet

2. Exercise is the key. Exercise releases endorphins in the brain giving us a sense of peace and calm. This is especially important for nervous dogs.  The combination of fresh air and the release of energy will get you both started off on the right paw.

Source: shepped

3. Dogs with anxiety are at a higher risk for getting lost. Thunderstorms, fire alarms, loud music and large gatherings of people can also cause a dog to panic and run. If your dog suffers from anxiety, take every precaution to ensure they are safe and secure during a stressful event.

Source: whotalking

4. You may be making your dog’s anxiety worse. When leaving a pooch with separation anxiety it is best to walk calmly and quietly to the door without hesitating, speaking to or even looking at your dog.

Source: listovative

5. It is okay to ask for help. Feeling overwhelmed and stressed is normal when someone you love is suffering. Knowing that your dog is unhappy and acting out can make you feel like you have failed as a pet parent. It is a very common problem, and there is no shame in reaching out for help.   A pawfessional can help you determine which is best for your dog.

Source: petwave

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