5 Things Dogs Can Sense Before It Happens

Dogs are incredibly intuitive and aware of their surroundings in nature. Here’s the list of things that they know before it happens.

1. Earthquake – Scientist says that can hear rocks crumbling under the grounds surface. And also can feel seismic activity through their paws.

Source: bostonzest

2. Storm – Storms create an electromagnetic force that dogs can sense before the storm hits. Dogs also use their amazing sense of hearing and could possibly hear the thunder rumble for several miles away.

Source: skywallpaper

3. Illness – Humans give off faint odors of illness, such as certain cancers and diabetes. If a dog is sniffing a particular area on the owner’s body obsessively, maybe a visit to the doctor should be taken.

Source: baileysphotography

4. Seizures – They instinctively know what is going to happen, but no one knows exactly how a dog senses this.

Source: dailymail

5. Labor – dogs are able to sense the physical transition of the pregnancy or the woman giving off a “labor scent”.


Source: dailymail

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