5 Things Your Dog Wants To Tell You So Badly

Listen to what your dog might be saying to you. Though they cannot talk to you directly, they have their own way of expressing it. Know these 5 simple things that if  only they could talk, they would directly say it you.

1. When I am young and silly, don’t expect more of me than you would of a human child. If I am too loud or I break something, I did not do it to anger you.

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2. You can satisfy your own hunger or thirst. I cannot. I depend on you for everything.

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3. Before you would hit me, remember that I have 42 sharp teeth and can crush a bone, yet I chose not to bite you when you punish me. 

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4. You have your TV, your job… I only have you. Talk to me everyday and let me know you care. I may not understand your words but when I hear my name, I know you mean Me and that I matter to you.

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5. If your scold me for being stupid or troublesome, ask yourself if I could be sick. Maybe I’m just getting older.

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