5 Tips On How To Manage German Shepherds’ Hair

We all know that GSD are great shedders breed and that we need to take care of their shed coats not only for their own good but for the benefit of all, especially to those who have allergies, or have babies in the house.

1. High Protein Diet. A high protein diet of chicken, lamb or beef kibble will help your German shepherd maintain a healthy coat.


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2. Choose the Right Brush. Purchase a shedding rake brush and dog hair brush. If your shepherd is especially thick-coated you may also want to use a metal comb.

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3. Daily Brushing. Brush your German shepherd daily, or at least several times a week. Since he is a continuous shedder, brushing daily will help remove dead fur and minimize shedding. Additionally, frequent brushing will prevent matting and keep his skin healthy by removing dead skin cells.

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4. Bath Only When Necessary. Bath your German shepherd only when necessary, as infrequent as once or twice a year. But if your dog is dirty, dusty, smelly or his coat feels excessively greasy, it’s time for a bath.

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5. Spot Clean Technique. Spot clean your shepherd’s fur if he rolls in something dirty or smelly.

Use scented cleaning wipes made for dogs that you can buy in pet stores. Clean specific areas on your shepherd’s hair with the wipes or gentle soap and water as needed.

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