5 Tips On How To Prevent Dog Cancer

Cancer is a threat to both human and canines.  In our era,  we cannot truly remove cancer from the face of the earth, but we can help reduce the risk with some easy lifestyle changes. Know these 5 life-saving tips that will make a big impact on your dogs health in preventing cancer.

1. Spay or Neuter – Spaying while a pet is young has been shown to drastically reduce instances of breast cancer later in life. In fact, dogs spayed before their first heat are 50 times less likely to develop mammary tumors as they get older.

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2. Unpack the pounds – Obesity brings with it a whole host of health problems for dogs, and some studies even indicate that overweight and obese dogs are at greater risk for certain forms of cancer.

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3. Guard against the sun – Most pet parents are unaware of the fact that skin tumors in dogs occur much more commonly than they do in people. Those dogs with short, white coats, light-colored skin and sparse tummy fur are particularly prone to skin disease and cancer. There are available veterinary-recommended sunscreen for your dog during outdoor playtime.

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4. Say NO to Smoking – Studies show a marked correlation between pets exposed to secondhand smoke and higher incidence of cancer, particularly oral cancer, lung and nasal cancer in dogs.

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5. Brush Up on Dental Care – Regular dental checkups for pets can be incredibly important in identifying oral cancers early, which can metastasize quickly. Cat and dogs are prone to an oral cancer called oral squamous cell carcinoma, which can be very difficult to detect.

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