5 Ways Of Caring Your Senior Dog

We have to accept the fact that dogs get old too and as they age, they need our care and attention even more.  Learn these 5 important things that we should remember to keep our dogs as healthy and happy as possible in their senior years.

1. Feed Them Nutritious Food. Feeding your pet the proper nutrition in their senior years is critical to helping them fight the signs of aging and keeping them active and playful.

Source: bpetsmart

2. Help Them Get Enough Exercise.  As your dog comes to age they may be slowing down and are most likely not getting any exercise. Keeping a pet lean as they age is one of the most important factors in preventing health issues.

Source: deafdogatlas

3. Keeping Your Dog At Their Ideal Body Weight. Extra pounds on older dogs means more stress on their body, including joints and internal organs which can contribute to other health issues.

Source: caninecancerawareness

4. Regular Check Up With Your Vet.  For your senior dog, visit the vet for at least every six months. Many diseases and health issues, if caught early enough, can be treated.

Source: vtnews

5. Don’t Neglect Your Dog’s Teeth. Regular dental care is important throughout your dog’s life, even more so for seniors. No proper dental care can lead to gingivitis, which can cause bacteria to get into the bloodstream, wreaking havoc on your dog’s organs.

Source: ritaranchpethospital

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