5 Ways On How To Be a Good Neighbor While Having A Dog

Part of our responsibility when having a dog is giving consideration to our neighbors.  Some neighbors are dog lovers like us, some are just okay with dogs, while some are more sensitive and ”allergic” to people with dogs.

How should you deal with different kinds of neighbors?  These 5 simple ways can be a very good good start on how to live harmoniously with your dog along with your neighbors.

1. Introduce yourself and your dog. Socialize your dog immediately to a new neighbor so that the next time you bring your dog out your new neighbor will no longer a stranger and avoid stress to your dog and your neighbor.

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2. Stay in bounds. Make sure you and your dog know your boundary and never ever try to cross them.

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3. Never ever leave your dog’s poop behind. Always be responsible for you dog’s poop.

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4. Keep in peace. Know and understand why your dog barks to avoid prolonged barking that can cause disturbance to your neighbor.

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5. Teach your dog some manners.  Teach your dog not to bark, growl, jump on, or hump passersby. Proper dog socialization is the right key to that.

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