5 Ways On How To Care For Your Dog’s Paws

Having that foot massage or foot spa for humans is great. Also for our furry friends, they need that too. Find out how to best take care of their paws just like in the spa parlors.

1. Cracked pads. Pads get cracked and bleed when its too dry. Don’t use human lotion, instead buy some pad moisturizers specifically designed for a dog’s dried out paws.

Source: doghealthnews

2. Wintertime Care. People use salt, de-icers and other items to melt ice off of sidewalks. This could be toxic to dogs who like to lick their paws. When coming home from a daily walk, either wipe down or rinse the paws with warm water to wash away any chemical they may have picked up.

Source: thehappydogspot

3. Trimming. The nails should barely skim the ground. Most vets offer this service if the owner is too anxious to do it themselves or the dog is unwilling to have it done.

Source: dogster

4. Cuts and Scrapes. Dogs can get their paws cut through unexpected injuries from walk. Clean the cut out with an anti bacterial wash, put some anti bacterial cream on the cut and bandage the paw.

Source: popsugar

5. Summertime Care. To avoid blistering and burning, avoid walking on hot surfaces such as parking lots or sand during summer. If blistering or burning occurs, wash with an antibacterial soap and loosely wrap with gauze.

Source: earthbath

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