5 Ways On How To Manage And Minimize Dog Shedding

When owning a dog, one of the most common complaints is about shedding of dog’s fur.  Unfortunately, shedding is one of the normal things that happen to all dogs. Even those dogs that don’t seem to shed like the Poodles and Terriers, they still shed but very slowly.  


Why Is There Hair Everywhere?

Dogs tend to shed more if there is any change in light and temperature.

Hair grows more in summer when days are warm and long, and less in winter when days are short and cold.

Dogs that are mainly kept indoors typically shed year-round.

Bitches tend to shed heavily 6 to 8 weeks after having a litter and when they are going through a heat cycle, due to hormonal influences.


How Can I Manage My Dog’s Shedding?

1. If you suspect that your pet’s hair loss is more than the seasonal schedule, you should first consult your veterinarian.



2. Minimize the effects of shedding by changing the dog’s diet.  Feed your dog with cod liver oil, or omega fatty acids.

3. Daily brushing is good for the hair coat and will remove those hairs that would normally fall out. From a housekeeping point of view, it is better to have the hairs come out on the brush than around the house.


4. Don’t use human shampoo and don’t bathe your dog too often.  Dry hair coat is prone to excessive shedding.

5.  Stress in dogs also a cause of shedding.  Changes in hormones can affect the blood stream and unto the hair follicles.


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