5 Ways On How Your Dog And Your Child Can Become BFF

 We’ve all seen the photos of toddlers snuggling with their canine BFFs and we cannot deny that fact of their overpowering cuteness!

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Every kid deserves a doggy sidekick.  Dogs can take the rap for  missing homework and make broccoli disappear under the dinner table.

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Unfortunately, some kids develop a trauma for dogs especially when they experience mis-haps with a dog.  Want your children to develop a lifelong bond with the family dog?  Then read on!

1. Before introducing your dog to any child, make sure he is well exercise.  Your dog should be calm and submissive before any encounter with a child.  This rule applies regardless of who the new arrival is.

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2. Let the dog go to the child. Children love puppy dogs, and may rush right over to your pooch in excitement.  Speak to kids before they encounter your dog.  Explain that the doggy may be nervous at first and they must be very quiet and very still so they won’t scare him.  When the dog feels safe, he will make his way over to be introduced.

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3. Teach your child on how to properly touch a dog. Train kids that dogs prefer to be touched on the side of their face or under their chin.  Tell them that they must never sneak up on the dog or touch him when he’s sleeping.

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4. Know your dog’s stress signal and body language. Get to know your dog’s personal body language so that you are aware when he’s had enough baby time for one day.  Dogs rarely ever bite without warnings like low growls and closely folded ears.  Teach children to respect personal space.

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5. Never allow kids to interfere with a dog who is eating, chewing a bone or holding a toy.  It is best to have scheduled feedings and play times for your dog. Maintaining a routine and providing one-on-one attention can help alleviate the stress of a new baby.

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