5 Ways Our Dear Dogs Can Break Our Hearts

A dog loves its owner unconditionally and is always happy to see them, no matter what time it is, and with no limits, rain or shine, through good times and bad, our dogs are always there to make us feel better and to love us. But we cannot escape the fact that there are some of the ways your dog will break your heart and these are:

1. When Your Dog Gets Sick. Like humans, dogs can and will get sick. Hopefully its just something the dog ate, and he’ll be better soon, sadly sometimes its more serious.

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2. Training a Service Dog. Like fostering a dog, you develop a special bond with a dog, while all the time knowing it will one day leave. Again your heart breaks while this dog leaves, but you can feel blessed knowing you’ve made a difference in someones life.

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3. Fostering a Dog. Taking on a dog while it recovers from an injury, or just while it waits for it’s forever home, is an admirable thing to do. Essentially you end up loving this dog that you’ve cared for, knowing that one day it will leave.

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4. Dogs in Wheelchairs and Prosthetics. It could really break your heart to see dogs running around in their little wheelchairs, but it also serves to show in spite of that, just how resilient and amazing they are.

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5. When Your Dog Passes Away. The most heartbreaking day of all is when your dog passes on, most of us try and not think about it, but know it will eventually happen.

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