5 Ways To Keep Your Dogs Safe In The Water

It’s spring time! Time to go out to visit to the parks, walk to the streets and most especially take a dip into the water and the beach. And it would double the fun if we take our dog with us. But of course there are safety precautions that we need to know in order for us to fully enjoy spring time with our dogs.

1. Don’t assume your dog will go to the water  and be able to stay afloat. Try him out in a shallow water first.

Source: celebritydachshund

2. If you’re on a boat, your dog should have a life preserver on. No exceptions!

Source: germanshepherdkennel

3. Dogs are much heavier in the water when you’re trying to pull them back into your boat.

Source: inquisitr

4. Don’t let your dog swim too far away from you because he could get into trouble quickly.

Source: youtube

5. If your dog doesn’t like the water don’t force him to go in. It could scare him and it won’t be fun for him at all.

Source: candae

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