5 Ways To Make Your Dog Secure At Home Alone

Leaving our furry friend home alone is a great burden to our heart. They too can suffer from separation anxiety. How can they be left alone safe and sound? These 5 simple ways can help human leave home with no worries:

1. Provide chew toys. Chew toys provide and outlet for boredom and for the instinct to chew.

Source: youtube

2. Provide good music. Pick up a radio station that is soothing for your dog and set the volume at a reasonable level.

Source: labradorretrieverguide

3. Leave the TV on. Some dogs respond to certain visual and auditory stimuli provided by a TV.

Source: youtube

4. Provide a resting place. A crate, a bed or other familiar place will make your dog feel safe.

Source: funpop

5. Remove all temptations. A bored and nervous dog may be tempted to do things they shouldn’t. Put things out of their reach and close the door to rooms you don’t want them in.

Source: dailymail

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