5 Ways To Prepare Your Dog For An Upcoming Baby

Dogs and babies really look good together but the situation of having them meet for the first time can be a little bit delicate.   There can be lots of different initial reactions of our dogs: They may get jealous, mad or happy. Whatever it is, we need them to be prepared for some changes. And these are the simple tips.

1. Make a plan. This special plan needs to include training.  You can have special smelling times for your dog to get used to the scents associated with the new baby and decide on specifics like, Will the dog be allowed in the nursery? Will the dog be allowed to kiss the baby? These decisions are critical in ensuring the safety and happiness of both the dog and the baby.

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2. Manners Matter. Basic commands such as sit, stay and leave it will be essential. Begin as soon as you can to establish the foundations for these commands. If there are obedience issues it is best to fix them before the baby arrives.

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3. Quirky Behavior. One of them is jumping up on people as a way to greet them. This is not a good trait to encourage. If a new parent is holding the baby, a dog may try to jump up to see the baby, which may lead to scratches and injury. Once a baby starts tottering, a jumping dog will get too excited and dangerous for the baby to handle.

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4. Sniff and Tell. Allow the dog to sniff what will be used on the baby to get used to the new scents. If the dog will be allowed in the nursery, set up a sleeping area for them and toss treats into their bed when they aren’t looking. This will bring about positive associations with the new bed and all the other changes going on in the household.

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5. Practice makes perfect. While getting ready for the new arrival, practice with a doll. Allow the dog to watch normal everyday interaction like changing diapers, feeding, rocking etc. If there are any behavioral concerns such as barking, biting or jumping this is a good way to nip them in the bud before the birth.

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