5 Ways You And Your Dog Can Save The Environment

We humans have a duty to save our Mother Earth. It is so much nicer that you and your dog can help save the environment together!  Here are 5 easy steps:

1. Be Resourceful with your dog toys – Making toys out of your old stuff for your dog’s entertainment will also help cut down on adding more waste into the world.  UPCYCLE!

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2. Adopt your next dog – Taking home a dog from a shelter takes one more animal in need off from the streets.

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3. Spay or neuter – Helping control the number of pets in the world will contribute greatly to the impact of PET OVERPOPULATIOIN. Let us balance the Ecosystem!

Source: abcvetclinic

4. Feed them natural or organic foods – Check the labels of your dog food and choose that’s natural and organic.

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5. Use biodegradable poop bags – A ton of great companies are now making bags that will decompose with your dog’s waste to help minimize the amount of trash we have.

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