5 Weird Dog Attitudes Decoded [You’ll Be Mindblown!]

There are a lot of things our dogs do that we don’t understand. Like those times when they have to smell each other’s butts or when they have to sniff the whole area to look for that perfect pooping spot.

Their behavior becomes an even bigger mystery because can’t talk to us directly to explain just why they do such things.  Here are their most peculiar behavior explained and you’ll be amazed with the reasons behind their deeds.

1. Kick the ground after using the bathroom – Dogs do this as a means of marking their territory.  They have scent glands in their paws, and the kicking motion releases them.  A dog’s waste also contains pheromones, which doesn’t matter to humans, but to other dogs they are able to tell a lot about the dog that left it there.  They can tell the age, health, and gender of the dog.

Source: youtube

2. Sniff another dog’s butt – This is the dog’s version of shaking hands.  A dog’s anal glands produce a strong odor and also contain information for the dog sniffing them.  This smell is unique to each dog, so it’s the best way for dogs to identify each other.  33% of a dog’s brain is designed to process smells.  COOL!

Source: barkpost

3. Stick head out of the car window – Apart from feeling the breeze through their fur, dogs can gain a lot of information.  Their nose is able to pick up many scents.  Your dog may whine or whimper during a car ride, mainly so they can stick their head out of the window.

Source: youtube

4. Walk in circle before lying down –  It is also believed that dogs did this as a way to mark their territory.


Source: orianablogspot

5. Chase their tails – This is common for all dogs to do, but puppies are more likely to do it.  Some people believe that dogs do this out of boredom, or to entertain their owner.  The dog may not recognize its own tail, which will prompt him to chase.  Upon catching it, the dog will realize that the tail is part of them.  LOL!!

Source: wellpets

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