6 Bad Habits Common Among Dogs And How To Break Them

Knowing and understanding dogs’ bad behavior is the best way to correct it because punishment is not always good for our dog. To help you get a handle on your dog’s conduct, here’s a list of common bad habits and a correct way to approach them.

1. Chewing inappropriate objects. When you catch your dog chewing inappropriate objects like shoes and other stuffs, redirect the chewing to an appropriate item, like a chew toy or stuffed Kong. Then praise your pup for selecting an acceptable outlet for his chewing behavior.

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2. Digging in the yard.  Digging is an extremely rewarding activity for dogs, whether they’re digging to reach a scent or simply to release pent-up energy. Help your dog practice this behavior appropriately by giving him a sandbox or section of the yard where he’s allowed to dig and use treats and toys to make this new digging place more exciting than the old one.

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3. Barking at the doorbell. Dogs bark at the doorbell for any number of reasons. They could be excited or anxious about visitors. One of the best ways to stop barking at the doorbell is to teach and reward an alternative behavior, like sitting on a nearby mat and waiting for the door to be opened.

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4. Begging at the table. No matter how cute or desperate for food your dog looks, consistency is the key to curbing dinner-table begging. Make sure no one in your family feeds the dog from the table.

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5. Barking in the car. Dogs being in the car has many emotions, from fear and frustration to exuberant joy. The best way to address barking in the car is to employ restraint equipment, like a harness or a crate to help your pet feel more secure. Other options include using a pheromone spray to help relax your dog, or giving him a chew toy to focus on during the car ride.

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6. Urine marking inside the house. Dogs pee on things to mark territory or leave messages for canine friends, which is generally acceptable outdoors. If you catch your dog urine marking  inside the house, quickly interrupt him with a “no” or an “oops” and take him outside. Then reward and praise him for choosing to urinate outdoors.

Source: pet360

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