6 Common Mistakes In Dog-Walking

Here’s a list of wrong doings that owners usually do during dog walking. Tsk!

We have put corresponding safety tips that every owner should remember during a walk.

1. Stopping for stubborn pups – Large dog breeds are often excited for a walk but a smaller breed may not be. If you’re pup walking zigzag throughout the walk or just being stubborn for walk, just remember to bring a a small handful of kibble in a plastic bag on your walk.

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2. Disregarding safety hazard – Be aware of the common outdoor safety hazards especially in the the spring when things are melting, you really want to be careful of chemicals that can be in the street, especially when the snow first starts to melt, Chemicals can get into the dog’s paws and dry them out. If they lick their feet, the chemicals from the ground can poison them.  Give them a foot bath!

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3. Picking the wrong leash – We may be tempted to buy for a retractable leash buy it is more advisable to go for a shorter leash for you to have an easy control.

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4. Ignoring pet behavior – In the winter if it’s too cold for you, it’s too cold for your pet. Same as in the warmer months. Overheating can happen really easily especially to dogs who have a lot of fur. If your dog is heavily panting, it’s time to find water and consider cutting your walk short.

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5. Approaching unknown dogs – Don’t approach other people or dogs unless you know them. Your dog might be extremely friendly, but you don’t know how the other dog will react.

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6. Not rewarding post walk – It’s a great idea to use treats as a way to reinforce good behavior and praise your pup.

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