6 Dachshunds Living Luxuriously!

Who says that Dachshunds can’t have a fancy lifestyle? Well, these Doxies are ROYALTY! Just check these luxurious living lifestyle of a Dachshund that you will envy every bit of the bones.  You would wish you had a dog’s life, LOL!

1. “This Pearl Beads matches my bow and it contrast my skin making me shining shimmering!”

Source: ilovedachshunds

2. “Our own private pool where we can have our exercise every morning”

Source: dogfriendzy

3. “Owning a salon for dog requires me to look this awesome everyday!”

Source: mymailru

4.“Oh this pretty beddings matches my overly cuteness!”

Source: imgfave

5. “Now we’re talking luxury what??”

Source: pinterest

6. “Owning a yacht is way too awesome!

Source: dailymail

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